Studio Artists

Jon Farrell


I am a Canadian artist who has lived in Saskatchewan for most of my life. My love for being creative began during the early years of Elementary School. It was not until high school that I began to appreciate the formalistic aspects of artwork such as composition, color and concepts of design. To further my knowledge in this area after graduating from high school I spent a couple of years at a graphic design college.

A few years later, while I was finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Saskatchewan, my sister was working at a care home north of Saskatoon. Through her, I was introduced to a number of residents she worked with and, due to developing a relationship with these individuals, I was compelled to start working on the oil and acryic portrait series, Giving Honour Where it is Due (can be viewed on my website:

Since then I have continued in my practice as a painter/portrait artist and the latest content that I have been dealing with is my faith. I hope this work inspires hope and compels my viewer to personally reflect on his/her own spiritual journey.